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Vanniall Celebrates Hot Haus Season 2 Premiere

Updated: Jun 25


Our former cover star and America’s trans sweetheart Vanniall celebrates her new reality TV show on Out TV in style - with a completely new video directed by the starlet herself, shot by Ashley Lake and available now for everyone on YouTube! Hot Haus is the brainchild of Tiffany ‘New York’ Pollard and a reality television show where queer sex workers and content creators come together to compete for the title of the next Queer Sex Symbol. We got to catch up with the lovely Vanniall to talk to her about her experiences on the show, and where she is now in her work.

She’s also celebrating the launch of her new official YouTube channel at where she’s excited to share a variety of upcoming worksafe projects! Vanniall also recently launched her own site at Hot Haus can be streamed at

How did you get involved in Hot Haus production?

The first season of Hot Haus was really cool, letting a reality TV star I was already familiar with (Tiffany 'New York' Pollard) do something close to her heart - she came out as queer and as someone who's done sex work during the first season.

That was really inspiring so when someone working on the production reached out to let me know they were starting to cast season 2, I dropped everything and recorded an audition. I know there were an incredible amount of auditions for season 2 and even live auditions (you can see some of on screen!) so I feel very lucky and flattered to have been picked to be in the cast.

What has working on the show meant to you?

Hot Haus is more than just another reality TV competition to me - and also to the people working on it and I think the fans and viewers. It would be easy to capitalize on a "Sex Work" moment by just making something "OnlyFans" themed or surface level, but Hot Haus is so much more.

The show is so much more than 'themed' about sex work, the structure of the show itself is about building community. It's a competition - but no one is disposable, and no one is minimized. When you're out of the running to "win" you become a judge! There's a message here within the basic structure of the show that can't be removed - we're all in this together, we're here to celebrate each other, we are never going to send someone away. You're going to be included.

It's made by people who are queer, who are trans, who are sex workers. Many of the people from the first season believed so much in the show they've returned as producers! You can tell from being on set how much everyone cares to be there, how important this project is to them.

And it's also been a really amazing model to me, to see my community working together to produce stuff by us, about us, for us. It's really inspired me to produce more myself in the future, to dream bigger and outside just the next scene or clip and really let my dreams run wild.

What upcoming projects do you have for your Youtube channel? What can we hope to see there?

I'm super excited to be working on more SFW content for my YouTube! I've got a big video coming with footage from my Japan trip and my haul of nerdy (and naughty) stuff from a week in Tokyo, and I'm planning on doing a lot more videogame content.

I'm not sure how much I can talk about it yet, but there's also an interview/podcast style show in the works - though that may end up on a different company's channel.

I'm sure I'll also end up with more dancing and music video style content, I just can't stop moving!

Can you tell us more about the tribute to Kim Petras? What was your process like for that?

Well obviously it's quite inspiring with Kim becoming the first openly transgender woman to win the best pop group/duo performance! But I admit I just really fucking love the song Slut Pop and if it's always stuck in my head I guess the only fair thing to do is try and get it stuck in everyone else's head too!

I probably could have just shown off my favorite outfits from the show in my bedroom, but I was feeling inspired so we picked out a studio space. I danced through the song three times per each outfit and we cut it all together!

So it was a full day shooting and a week or so editing for 2 minutes, but I think it all paid off.

Do you think you’re going to pursue a larger TV career with this move?

I'm very open to it! I've always been a theater kid and while I'm very satisfied and thankful to have won awards for my adult content and be screening porn that I've directed, I have a lot of ideas that aren't really set for adult distro.

There's another Out TV project coming out soon, so I'll have two reality TV series out, have done interviews and been interviewed, live events and panels... so it feels like I'm ready to move into scripted fiction next.

I know I can adlib and do reality, but I love scripted work. And I want to experiment!

I've got so many horror ideas, some even scripted out. I have a movie and a tv show idea, I'm very dedicated to making both of those happen. We're storyboarding one of those ideas and looking for collaborators, slowly but surely with our starting budget.

And I'm eager to help bring more black trans representation on screen! My fans are very familiar with my "Vanniall" character now, but I'm bursting at the seams a little in wanting to show some range. Someone should hire me to be really very evil in something.

About Vanniall

Vanniall is an award-winning Black trans adult performer and content creator. She’s starred in numerous scenes for studios like Adult Time or indie producers like Mondo Fetiche. Her self-produced content has won her Best Trans Clip Artist in the Xbiz Awards and been featured in festivals like the San Francisco Porn Film Festival.

A U+ advocate, she has written about HIV for the Huffington Post and was recently declared the "New American Sex Symbol" in a front page article in Petit Mort Magazine. In addition to producing scenes, she's currently working on a mainstream reality project for Out TV and enjoying spending time with her supporters on OnlyFans. Originally from South Carolina, she now lives in New York City with her three black cats and a coffee addiction.

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