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Out and Proud

Updated: Oct 31, 2023


Recently out HIV+ Black trans sex worker and director Vanniall to be featured in San Francisco Film Festival.

Porn performer, content creator, director, and Petit Mort cover star Vanniall recently came out publicly as HIV+ in a widely shared Huffington Post article. As a Black trans sex worker, this was no small decision and one that carries a lot of weight for both her as an individual and our community as a whole. Despite her initials fears, many in the industry were very supportive – with adult industry testing org PASS even reaching out to her and then signing a pledge against HIV+ discrimination. There have been shows of support from corners of the sex industry – full-service workers, content creators, porn performers, strippers, and organizations have all spoken up for Vanniall and her decision to come out as HIV+. In the year after her diagnosis she’s only grown her career. She was nominated for a Transgender Erotica Award for Best Self Producer and an XBIZ Award for Best Trans Premium Social Media Star, and was invited on stage to present categories both events. She was cast in an upcoming mainstream reality TV show Hot Haus Season 2, hosted by Tiffany “New York” Pollard, currently filming in Vegas. The culmination of her work and talent is her selection for the 2022 San Francisco Porn Film Festival.

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