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The Client Who Changed My Mind

Updated: Oct 31, 2023


Would you like some muffins?” asked George, as he invited me to sit at his kitchen table. He placed a plate of small blueberry muffins in front of me, which I instantly recognized as the Krusteaz box brand with the dehydrated blueberries. I have enjoyed craft cocktails and extravagant seafood dinners with men like George, but I was particularly charmed by the homemade baked goods.

I accepted the stout discs of pastry, and a decaf cup of coffee. George and his wife were sensitive to caffeine, but that can happen in your 60’s. I must have hesitated momentarily when reaching for the plate, because George joked that they weren’t poisoned or drugged. I gave a brief chuckle; I am used to men making jokes as a means of assuring me I’m not in danger.

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