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This is a Motherfucking Stickup.

Updated: Oct 31, 2023


Welcome to the stickup. Bria Bada$$ aka Bria the Goddess laid it down with Petit Mort for this feature. She talked about her work as a femme-domme, Black dominatrix, and kink educator here in New York City. From puppy play to Black history, Bria goes above and beyond with all her work.


Why don’t you start by telling me a little bit about yourself, how you got started, and what your journey has been like through the industry.


I started as a pro-Domme, this year marks five years exactly that I’ve actually been getting paid from when I transitioned to pro. My friends always thought I would be into something like that because my natural presence is very dominant. I’m very much a boss, in charge. I started doing my research and getting more educated about BDSM. Learning more about fin-Domme, more about domination, and different types of domination—I started my education, and then I got kind of brave. Findom, which is financial domination, can be done anywhere.. you can do it from your home, you don’t ever have to be seen to do financial domination. So I said, “let me try this way first, it’s a little safe for me.”

So I made my Twitter handle, I made my email, I made all my precautions and things like that. Let me try. And I started putting up little ads and when you’re a baby-Domme, you kind of start and have to deal with a lot of losers and you have to really verify yourself. There are subs who don’t know who you are yet, so they might think it’s kind of a scam. Lots of time verifying who you are & if you’re a “real” person. After a while of me doing that, I finally was able to get somebody to look at me, got a sub, and I got my first $50. So when it first happened, I was like,“oh my god, this is real. Like, this is really real.” Now I think that might have pushed my adrenaline. I’m like, yeah, I gotta try it again. I start taking more pictures and doing more. Next thing you know, I’m getting sessions now, and I’m getting an increase in sessions. Now I have to get comfortable with this. So I do more research, and I happen to bump into Mistress Marley. I ran over her page, and I wanted to find Black women who were into domination who were already in the field, who are already doing financial domination, and I was like, “I need to get next to this girl.”

We got really cool, I made my acquaintance with her and we start trading notes and things like that, and I further my education on my own. I started doing more and then I got the courage to step out. I said alright, let’s try an in-person session. Of course, I had my first in-person session and I don’t think the sub even knew that I was a novice at the time but I went in with the dominance like I’ve been here before, but that first session is what let me know to be myself. You have to be yourself as a Domme.

You have to learn to get in where you fit in, and I learned my strengths—puppy training and humiliation—I’m heavy on humiliation because I’m really funny. I’m not really sadistic. I’m not into blood. I’m not really into scat, which is the poop play—I’m not really into that. But would I punch you and rob you? Yes. Would you like fantasy robbery? Yes. Do you want me to come and put you in a headlock and put you in a van and then bring it to a place with you hog-tied? Yes. I’m here for all of those things. I love fantasy Domme-ing.

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