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CAT GOLD: Mommy of the Year

Updated: May 16


A multi-media powerhouse and Mommy to us all, Cat Gold shared her experiences and insights with Petit Mort Magazine’s literary editor Molly Simmons. She talked with us about her work as a photographer, a sex worker and a dyke, and a producer of some of the scene’s best new queer porn.


Why don’t you begin about telling me a little bit about yourself, your history, and your trajectory through the sex industry?


I’m a dyke hooker, hairy femme, pornographer, portrait/fetish photographer, Leather Mommy, beauty- seeker, sadomasochist, and all around pervert. I grew up on the East Coast and lived in Santa Cruz for six years before moving to Philly. I started in the industry over 7 years ago sugaring and selling clips online. After working a slew of very exhausting vanilla jobs alongside sex work, and experiencing major burnout, I began escorting full time three and a half years ago and never looked back.


One thing I definitely want to talk about is you, not just being a lesbian, but also having that identity very front-facing on all of your marketing platforms. A lot of people who are lesbians in our industry present as bisexual for clients, but you very much don’t do that.

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