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Liberation For All: How the BLM Movement Changed the Political Anthropocene of Sex Work

Updated: Oct 31, 2023


This past year has been a lot, to say the least. Pandemic aside, it has been a year of unprecedented trauma for the Black people of color in every American community. A year of seeking support from friends, family, and community as we watched Black lives be actively devalued by the legal system, police, and the nation as a whole. But how does that, and the political sphere of race relations, affect sex work and sex workers? Why, exactly, should that matter to you?

The Black Lives Matter movement changed a lot in the sex work community. It showed Black sex workers who, both client and counterpart, supported our right to exist peacefully, and showed us those who would rather remain “apolitical” while enjoying all that blackness has to offer them: from food and music, to sex and fashion. But sex work, and our right to exist as Black sex workers in peace, is inherently political.

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