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Diving Deep with PAIGE SAVAGE

Updated: Oct 31, 2023


Paige Savage has made her mark all across the country—in education, corporate America, as a content creator, body builder, and an elusive luxury companion. She’s strong, whip-smart, and offers an insight into the industry that is both deeply down-to-earth and compassionate. Petit Mort sat down with her to talk her latest ventures, personal healing, community building, and navigating the industry as a Black and Indigenous woman.


To get started I was hoping maybe you could tell me a bit about you and your journey in the industry, and where you’re at right now.


I’ve technically been in the industry off and on since 2009. I started as a sugar baby in college. I didn’t really know what this world entailed. I was very ignorant of the bigger picture around it, or just how big of a world it is, and how there’s so many groups under this huge umbrella. Then I stopped sugaring when I went to grad school and I was on this whole “respectable” path and everything.

As someone who used to work in education, I was very passionate about it.. But something they don’t tell you is you’re choosing a life of poverty. My first job post-masters, the initial offer was $35,000. And I had to fight to get to $36,000. So while doing that I went back on Seeking Arrangement. You know how IG has its private communities and stuff? Well, I started talking to some people there and there was a provider that I met through there who told me maybe I should look into escorting. “Just go all the way.” She told me she had never seen someone who looks like me. At the time I was, I would argue, what people would call a “true” BBW. And I thought, “let’s give it a whirl.”

At the time, I was seeing somebody who was basically a client and I told him what I was fixing to do. He was really supportive about the whole thing, and he actually gave me my initial startup costs. Nothing was asked for in return, no extra time, nothing. That’s how I dipped my toe in. And then I worked in Dallas for a couple years under an old work name—I decided to change it because it just wasn’t me.

I had built a persona that I think was trying to be all the things I’m not—playing class politics and trying to not only overcompensate because I’m bigger, but overcompensate because I’m Black and I’m Indigenous, etc. So I decided to come back into the industry through OnlyFans, and I realized I was leaving a lot of money on the table. And on top of that, I just liked the autonomy.

In 2019, I left education, fully left the industry, and went into corporate. I worked in corporate America and actually really liked it. But then the pandemic hit in 2020. And that’s when I thought, I can’t do this anymore. I can’t sit on Zoom all the time. So I left in late November 2020, and then started doing sex work full time as a content creator on OnlyFans and then full service escorting.

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