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Estelle Leon’s Romantic Domination

Updated: Oct 31, 2023


Estelle Leon is a romantic at heart—bound to the beauties of sadism as the deepest form of pleasure. Her relationship with kink follows an exploration of power dynamics and their relationship to feminism closely, ultimately honoring the radical challenge of self-exploration. Petit Mort probed further at the root of it all—where personal values lie in practice, compassion as a virtue, and the absolute surrender of BDSM as an art form.


What has been your journey through BDSM into a professional Dominatrix? How have you developed your ethos as a practitioner of “romantic and elegant sadism?”


My journey into BDSM & fetish has largely been framed by my time in the sex industry. Although I’ve been drawn to aspects of kink for a long time. I started in the industry escorting, and once I went independent it became quickly evident that kink & fetish were my main market. I leaned into that and offered myself as a fetish escort & companion for a few years.

During this time BDSM really grew as a passion, I became very drawn to the expansiveness, creativity, technicality, and theatre. In the pursuit of becoming a professional Dominatrix I sought out education, training, mentorship, and as many opportunities to learn and practice as I could. I am still growing as a professional today, I don’t see this journey as having a point of arrival, there is always more to learn. I also still do escort occasionally, though most typically as a FemDom companion these days. I am a romantic first and foremost and this is consistent across my industry offerings.

My presence and practice embody a great appreciation for intimacy, connection, and care. My romanticism and sadistic sensibilities are not mutually exclusive either. There is so much romanticism that exists in BDSM; care and attention given; trusting surrender; offering the body or suffering for someone; committed loving ownership; service in the pursuit of another’s pleasure and happiness.

It is a perspective that I feel is not very well represented from the outside, and perhaps underrepresented in the Pro space in contrast to the lifestyle community. I try to draw attention to and celebrate the romantic in BDSM through my practice and aesthetics and have done so in a way that feels most authentic to me. I have fortunately found that resonates with a lot of people, who may see me as somewhat a bridge between a kink escort and a traditional Mistress, or at the very least offering something different.

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