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The Client

Updated: Oct 25, 2023


Who seeks out the services of a professional companion? Politicians, celebrities, people with disabilities, a coworker, your father—anyone. The better question is: how do clients become clients? What do they want? Why do they do it? Therein lies David’s story (not his real name).

The escort-client relationship is as unique and nuanced as any marriage, despite being a transactional arrangement with strict rules and boundaries that are non-negotiable. But such is the price of admission⎯a small sacrifice when you consider the promise of a fantasy fulfilled, no strings attached.

But if your idea of fulfillment is the ol’ pump-n-dump, then save yourself a lot of trouble and buy a Fleshlight. Yes, if you play your cards right and don’t act like a total creep, your encounter will culminate with an eye-rolling trip to paradise. Yet it’s everything in between first contact and ecstasy that makes the escort experience so much more than just sex.

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