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Incognita: Interview with Lily Vivier

Updated: Oct 25, 2023


You are one of the more enigmatic figures working in the industry today. Would you be open to indulging us with some details of your origin story? (cultural/educational/artistic background?)

I am the product of a unique and diverse background, born to Swiss and Latin parents in South America and raised in two distinct cultures. Growing up in a typical bustling South American metropolis was an unforgettable experience that shaped how I see the world and instilled in me a deep appreciation for culture and diverse perspectives. I later pursued my passion for art and its business side by moving to Switzerland to earn my degrees. After completing my studies, I settled in Zurich, where I have established my home base. While living in Switzerland has been a fantastic experience, the recent pandemic has prompted me to re-evaluate my priorities. I strongly desire to focus on my creative pursuits and explore my craft more. Consequently, I am considering relocating to a warmer climate to improve my quality of life and pursue my artistic ambitions.

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