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The Art of Submission with BONNIE BLAZE

Updated: Oct 31, 2023


Petit Mort’s social media correspondent and literary team member, Bridgett Magyar had the opportunity to connect with Portuguese- based submissive, Bonnie Blaze, a student of kink and a teacher of the craft in her own right. She enlightens Petit on her experiences of finding her place in BDSM, the significance of a symbiotic relationship between Dom and Sub, and what it really means to top from the bottom.


Could introduce yourself, who you are and where are you based?


I’m Bonnie. I’m 25 years old and I’m based in Porto, Portugal. I do many things inside sex work.


Amazing. So what is the kink scene like in Portugal?


There isn’t a big community in Portugal. We don’t have many events, and ones we do have are mainly in Lisbon, the capital, so if anyone wants to experience something, they have to travel to Lisbon most of the time. You have some private groups that organize parties, and they announce it on FetLife, but it’s not a professional thing. It’s people that like BDSM, and throw private parties in their houses or rentals. Portugal is a bit conservative. People are very connected to religion and so they don’t explore their sexual life that much. Kinky stuff carries a lot of taboo here.

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