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Sex Positive Parenting FAQ

Updated: Oct 31, 2023


I’m so excited to bring my worlds of sex entertainment, education, therapy and parenting to the spotlight for the Petit Mort audience. Every opportunity I’ve had to talk about Sex Positive Parenting (also known as Porn and Parenting) over the past decade, I’ve found that my pre-scripted presentation is just a prompt for deeper discussions.

I combed through years of inquiries and FAQs from parents, soon-to-be parents, want-to-be parents and people who work with or influence children and wanted to share a few perspectives from a sex positive approach.



How can I feel more confident in my sexual pleasure as a new parent?


It’s so important to meet your mind and body exactly where it is as a new parent. There’s a misconception that as soon as we have a child, we can jump back into doing and feeling like before. Our bodies change, our relationships to intimacy changes and certainly our external environment to our bodies changes. First, acknowledge what those changes are and what reasonable sexual pleasure goals are.

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