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Posterior Play 101


In the days of DVD porn in the late 2000’s, I was an anal queen. With over 60 films under my belt - the vast majority being anal or DP - I confidently commanded a high price for my peach play; and while I paraded my acrobatic talents at go- sees and on-set, I actually had very little experience in pleasing my posterior prior to porn. So how did a girl-next-door with little backdoor experience land an AVN nominated anal scene in less than a year?

To put it simply, I fell in love with my booty.

So if you’ve ever had a curiosity or you’re ready to go deep, here are a few tips on readying your rump for a night to remember.

Your backside bliss begins with you.

First, know your body; be aware of your digestive cycles as well as health, so you can determine the right time to ensure a tidy experience. Some find comfort in cleaning out using an enema, and I encourage it as long as you only use distilled water. It can be very helpful to watch what you eat the day of play, avoid heavy, greasy or spicy foods in lieu of lighter fare like salads, fruits, and green juices. Incorporate your usual pre-sex routine—whether you like to stretch, masturbate, smoke a joint, make sure you’re doing the things you need to make you freel comfortable and relaxed. Do you want music or porn in the background? Will you be using toys or do you prefer your fingers? And while some want lube, others insist on spit. (And I certainly do!) So light up those scented candles, find your position, and feel the mood.

Fear of a mess is the thought that kills the mood, so rule that out, and focus on cultivating your comfort zone. Some prefer bedside with a towel, while others prefer the shower. It can also be very helpful to explore with butt plugs and anal trainers before you invite your partner in, so you can get used to the sensation of being filled, and also know your body’s signals to stop or keep going. And don’t forget - your bliss in the back begins in the front.

Orgasms in your favorite way are always the best way to prime your body - and don’t stop the orgasm when it arrives! Maintaining the stimulation will allow your body to relax and receive even more.

I like to gaze at my booty in the mirror before dipping into ass play, noticing all the curves and contours that lead fingers to touch. I imagine different positions I could enjoy with a partner, and remember the clips of anal cream pies. You know, the ones where they continue to thrust after the pop, as cum drips down the sides? I want that. And I want another partner licking my clit while I have that. Yeah, I’m greedy in my fantasies; it keep my hands busy, but my body might say no-way to ass-play if I forget this lesson on love sport; anal is all about surrender and opening yourself.

Partner Posterior Play

It can be intimidating to explore anal play with a partner, which is why I highly encourage pleasing yourself first for awhile to better understand your body and joy; but when you are ready to incorporate your partner, consider a dialogue first.

Are they ready to pounce or hesitant? Have you established your boundaries? Does your partner understand the pace that you’ll be receiving them? Have you discussed positions? (Spooning is my favorite!) What about rimming? Have you established safe words? Do you just want to start with fingers or are you ready to experience them in full? Are you concerned about their size?

No matter how you get started, enjoy, be present, and be patient with yourself and your partner. It might feel pleasurable the first time, or it might not. It might be messy. Sometimes you might have to stop midway, but don’t let that discourage you. It truly is an art to master and a call to ripen your sexuality. The more you activate that area, the more ease and magnetism you’ll feel.

It took a clever and experienced partner to pleasure my posterior for the first time. We had never discussed it, actually, but I had explored it enough on my own to know I enjoyed it. One day, he lifted up my skirt and pulled my ass up in the air as he licked around the rim, fingers deep inside on my g-spot, then in smooth transition primed with lots of spit, I felt his other finger slide in as he DP’d me with his hand. When I peaked, my knees felt so weak from bliss that I fell to my side. Soaking wet with his spit and my cum, he spooned me close as he teased both front and back, pressing enough to leave me guessing where he would enter as he held my satisfaction in my clit. I wanted him inside me, in both ways, in all the ways.

He chose to soak himself first with all my cum as he thrusted deep in my pussy, before he pulled out again to press himself against my peach waiting to be popped. I felt myself opening to him as I moved to mount him. He allowed me to take the pace as he slowly slid deeper inside, all the while adding more split around the edges. I began taking him in at my own place, and replacing his hand for mine on my clit. I felt the control I needed to surrender, and when I did cum, my body orgasm radiated outward from my peach to my clit to the crown of my head that triggered him to cum too. Truly, this was next level. Anal sex has a way of rooting you so deep in the body in pleasure yet propelling you to the space of “who am I? and where am I?” all the while begging you to forget and go back into bliss again, like some tantric ceremony where your body just hums in euphoria. You forget to think ‘cause you’re so lost in the sensation of each other.

So what are you waiting for?



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