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Media Review: The White Lotus

Updated: Oct 31, 2023


The second season of The White Lotus, named after the luxurious resort where the show is set, is all about sex—who’s having it, who isn’t, and who they’re doing it with. And where sex and money collide, we often find sex work. Lucía, a young Sicilian sex worker saving up to open her own store, meets an American client staying at the opulent hotel and gains access for herself and her friend (and sometimes duo partner), Mia. Jack, though not explicitly stated to be a sex worker, is shown to have sexual duties to perform for a man who could be his employer, his friend, or even a debtor; the nature of their relationship is left ambiguous, as many in this industry are. Their stories run parallel to those of the wealthy patrons of the hotel, and the season sees several of these characters become Lucía and Mia’s clients for the night.

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