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Love Makes the World: A Conversation with Sateen

Updated: Nov 1, 2023


Queenie and Ruby are the gorgeous and talented duo behind the band known as Sateen. Since releasing their self-titled EP and their compilation Greatest Hits in 2017, these powerhouse women have been creating delightfully dreamy and wonderfully gay music inspired by 70s disco, house, and synth-pop beats that have you rushing out onto the dancefloor. I got to witness them in a different kind of action as they posed for their cover shoot for Petit Mort, flipping through racks of designer clothing as they tried on different pieces. It’s obvious that both of them are seasoned models—for years, they’ve been producing their own content, from their music to their videos, drag looks, and their vibrant social media presence.

Sateen began as a friendship, blossomed into romance, and is now shifting into uncharted territory as the couple moves through the dissolution of their marriage but continues their musical partnership. Queenie and Ruby originally matched on OKCupid years ago, both of them looking for bandmates rather than an intimate relationship. But love soon took hold, and they began their journey as a band and as a couple, combining their influences and inspirations to give us the music we know and love today.

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