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Letter from the Editor, Vol. 1

Updated: Oct 24, 2022


Since entering the erotic labor industry I have been in awe of the talent here. I felt that so much beautiful art lived and died on the internet, in the shadowy corners of search suggestion bans and discriminatory algorithms. Our stories are often told by the likes of people with unconscious bias or out right savior complexes. Even in the world of fiction, our archetype becomes the brunt of every joke or cautionary tale.

This magazine was born out of a desire to see us reflected in a more honest light. To show the world that we don’t all share a single story, and that we too have made great contributions to society. It is time for people to understand how our experiences shape us into some of the most resourceful individuals with an abundance of wisdom to offer. I believe that our involvement in this industry should make us more desirable in the job market rather than grounds for discrimination.

The world is changing fast, and it needs forward thinking people like us to start shaking things up. I want the media to stop either glamorizing or demonizing us. When a designer or film maker is inspired by us I want them to bring us on their team and collaborate with us as artists, not just as muses. After all, sexual energy is the purest form of creative energy.


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