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Between the sheets with MAYA & CHLOE

Updated: Nov 1, 2023


Inter office politics within the adult industry are often unconventional to say the least—but there’s a lot that the civilian world could learn from our communication techniques. Petit Mort had the pleasure of joining porn star Maya Kendrick and rising star Chloe Leigh Mercury in a conversation about the delicate balance of friendship vs. professional intimacy, and in person vs. online work.


Why don’t you start by telling me a little bit more about how long you’ve been in the industry, your trajectory, and how you started and how you’ve grown.


I’ll say that I’ve been quietly admiring Chloe from afar for a while. And then we had the opportunity to work on my website together, so that was our first start to have a collaboration. And from there I think the photoshoot kind was just good timing.


I would say that we met online, just through the Twitter space. And yeah I do web design, and I’m friends with a lot of sex workers specifically through Twitter. I kind of keep my circle of people that I choose to work with smaller, but the people who I interact with online and my mutuals become my personal friends before we ever start working together. So that really helps me navigate who to work with. Because they’re people that I would just send a meme on a random day – it’s genuinely a personal relationship. Then working relationships come after that with trusted people for me. So yeah, it was super cool to work with Maya because we’re friends from online.

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