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Love Outside the Box

Updated: Nov 1, 2023


Sadie is known for organizing the some of the most prominent sex parties in New York for over three years. Skye Blue is one of the best and brightest in porn, working with Vixen since 2019, known for her high-brow aesthetics in the adult scene. Steven Rise is a pansexual adult performer and provider with a fantastic reputation, seeing clients of all genders and ability levels. Rose Vonn is a rising star in the adult industry with many facets; she is a kinky switch, a companion, and content creator. Rose is currently based between NYC and the Hudson Valley. Creativ Jay is a photographer, videographer, and creative director originally born in Venezuela. He can now be found in Brooklyn where he shoots for streetwear brands, designer marijuana brands, and sex workers.

We brought together this diverse group of talent to discuss their respective experiences and insights in polyamory, non-monogamy, and dating in the adult industry. We start our conversation with Sadie, speaking on her vetting process, how to become involved in the scene, and the kink party scene in her eyes.

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