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Love Oral Always


The gap between cumbersome clinical dental dams and sexy latex lingerie has finally been bridged! Whether you’re in need of a protective barrier or you’re a latex fetishist who wants to get off through an ultrathin layer of shiny rubber, these panties are the answer to your sexual prayers. Founded by Melanie Cristol, a person who wanted to eradicate shame as a hindrance to pleasure, Lorals offers just enough coverage to facilitate comfort without sacrificing sensitivity.

Like many revolutionary inventions, the initial idea of this product was sparked through necessity. When Melanie found herself on a romantic vacation with a visible STI she wished she had something that allowed her to feel sexy while receiving pleasure without exposing her partner to risk. She thought, “Even if we had had dental dams, would we have really wanted to use them on an experience like that? Did I really want to hold this scarlet letter in place in front of me? I didn't want to feel bad about myself, I didn't want to feel ashamed or dismissed... STIs are really common, and it's something that should not create shame, stigma, and fear when they can be managed properly and when there is good protection out there. Wouldn't it be great if I could have worn lingerie that happened to be protective, like a dental dam, but not a dental dam, because they’re not sexy.”

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