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Down the Rabbit Hole

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

VALENTINA FOX in conversation with BARDOT SMITH


We could start — because we don’t know each other — with a little bit of background. Maybe how you got into findom? Your name, where you are from, all that fun stuff?


Well, I’m Valentina Fox. I live in New York. I just stumbled across findom online when I was 18; I’m now 24. I thought it was really cool, but I wasn’t really sure how it worked. So I showed it to one of my guy friends who I kind of rejected all through high school, but was still that guy that just stayed around anyway. And I was like, I think I could do this. And he was like, “yeah”, and didn’t really seem that into it. And then fast forward two years later, he approached me and apparently had gotten really, really into it and had like a sub account with a couple thousand followers. He had been used as a filming slave, all from that one dinner with me. So he started paying me just to like, humiliate him at first and tease him about our high school relationship… [t]hen I would reject him and stuff in front of everyone. Then he was a sissy. So it was my first experience with sissies. And yeah, I joined Twitter, probably like six months after I started domming him and met a couple other people on Fetlife as well.

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