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Breaking the Mold with KING NOIRE

Updated: Oct 31, 2023


King Noire is a radical force to be reckoned with. He brought Petit Mort into his world and taught us a few things along the way; by detailing his journey into sex work and activism, parenthood, and the liberation that comes with decolonizing your sexuality. King Noire shed some light on how to put power and pleasure back into your own hands.


You are an accomplished and award-winning writer, porn performer, artist, Master fetish trainer, emcee, and global activist. Using the proceeds of your album “Music is my weapon” to build a school freshwater well and medical clinic in Guinea Bissau, West Africa, you used your position in the adult industry to develop an ethically made molded toy in partnership with lust arts, raise consciousness around kink safety for people of color, provide lectures on the decolonization of sexuality, and offers sex education to audiences ranging from college students to medical providers. That’s quite a bit. My first question for you is, can you start by telling us a little bit more about yourself personally and your journey through the sex industry and how you got started.


Well, the first real experience was with a friend, she was a dancer. They asked her to be in a porn magazine. And she didn’t want to be in it with somebody she didn’t know. So she reached out to me, knowing that I was in a spot where I needed some money. We had messed around with each other since high school. I was 18, she’s a little bit older than me. So she was like, “Come get this money. I know you like sex and showing off.” and that was my first experience ever doing anything in the industry. From there, the photographer linked me up with a person who kind of produced porn, not movies that we would see anywhere, but he had a little spot in Jersey where they made movies for themselves. They filmed me with his wife and a few with other people he would hire for shoots. He then connected me with couples who were interested in booking me for cuckholding sessions which led to my initial BDSM work.

I’ve always been kinky since I started exploring sexually. I’ve always been into kinky things, but I didn’t know the names for all of it. I did all types of shit, but I didn’t know that there was a whole community and whole lexicon of kinky behaviors. So getting all these clients at the time, who were like, “Hey, I really want you to tie me up, spank me, paddle me, or electrocute me,” going down the list of all kinds of things most of it being brand new to me at that age I really got to learn from them with an on the job education. They would tell me, “This is what I like,” and in order not to injure or hurt me this is how to do it and make it pleasurable for me, “This is how I need you to do it.” And at the time, it was not only just the exploration of sexuality, but it was truly the definition of what a lot of sex work is for me; providing a safe space for clients to explore their kinks, fetishes and pleasures with a professional. I was soaking up as much information as possible, both in the fetish side of things and doing nude modeling—anything I could possibly do, I was a Swiss Army Knife. Multi-functional. From there, I actually started to seek out professional Doms/ Dommes who knew what they’re doing. Taking classes and learning from practitioners directly. I think it is also important to point out that there were some dungeon spaces when I started out that would not let me in and teachers who would not take me on as a student based on their racist views and stereotypes.

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